What is Manna and why should I use it?


anna is a program that sells prepaid gift cards or certificates that may be used for gifts or for everyday purchases. Many of your favorite stores and restaurants participate. We purchase in bulk at a discount, and 75% of this discount is passed on to the purchaser in the form of tuition credit. Earnings may also be applied to other funds at St. John’s. The more you use the program, the more you can save on tuition.


How do I get Manna?

Manna is available all year long! It’s simple.

First, fill out a registration form (yes, you need a new one every year.

Then, complete an order form; enclose it in an envelope with your check made out to St. John’s Manna Program. Because we must pay for our order in advance, payment must be included with your order. Please note there is a fee charged for returned checks. Manna Order Form

Turn in your order to the school office or Manna file at church by 11:45 a.m.on Sunday morning. (Yes, you may turn it in before that). Late orders will be filled the following week.

Pick up your order from the school office on Thursday morning or when you attend worship services. During the school year, you may opt to have your order sent home with your student. You MUST check the box on the registration form for this to happen.

Quick Manna

You may purchase “Quick Manna.” Quick Manna offers some of the most popular items for ready purchase. The variety and quantities are limited, so to avoid disappointment, plan to order. Manna Quick Sheet

The quick Manna sale schedule during the school year is Thursday night at 6:45, Friday morning from approximately 7:45-8:30 a.m. and Sunday at 9, 10:30 and 11:45 a.m. Our summer schedule for quick Manna is Thursday night 6:45, and Sunday morning from 9-9:30a.m. outside the church office.

What are the purchase requirements?

There are no maximum or minimum purchase requirements, no usage fees, no sign up fees, no registration fees.

How do I get the earnings?

The payouts are made twice a year in the spring and in December. You will receive a statement of earnings before each payout. For Tuition: The amount listed will be credited to your tuition bill the month indicated. You may wish to accumulate your earnings for the entire year and deduct the total from your next year’s tuition. Many of our families earn over $300 in tuition credit each year. For other funds: At each pay out period, earning will be paid to the fund of your choice. Most common funds include the Care Fund, Tuition Grant Fund, Mission Fund, Church Workers Grant Fund, New School Building Fund, General Church Treasury, and LYF. Ask about other possibilities. Whatever you choose, now is the best time to get started! Contact the Church Office to be put in touch with the Manna Leader 630-629-2515 x118.