How to Bless your Kid(s) the First Week of School

One size definitely does not fit all.  Each child is different.  Different ages.  Different grades.  Different kinds of smart.  Some are in public schools.  Some are in private schools.  But  one thing most parents share, we want the best for our kids.  We want to do something to make it a good start to the school year.  Here are a few humble suggestions:

1.  Show interest in them NOT by asking ‘How was school today?’ But ‘Tell me something about your day.”  Then share something about your day.  Cultivate their ability to listen and engage with grown-ups.

2.  Pray for their teacher(s).  “A student is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher” Luke 6:40.  Also remember, you are your child’s most influential teacher.  They need time with you.

3.  Remind them they are smart. Help them identify it.  There are different kinds of smart–not only logic and words, but nature smart, music smart, body smart, etc.  “Smart” is a power word.  “Children who believe they’re smart excel more in school and approach life with greater confidence,” Kathy Koch.  See Eight Great Smarts by Kathy Koch for the 8 different kinds of ‘smart.’  Fascinating.

4.  Consider this: there’s more to life than homework.  That’s not to encourage laziness or lessen the importance of practice school work.  But, to become well-rounded, kids need time to relieve stress and develop social skills by playing outside, playing with parents, exercising, and  reading for pleasure.

5.  Listen to them.  Draw out something they’re interested in.  Ask them to teach you about it.  Mute the TV.  Put down your phone.  Close the laptop.  And listen.

Your kids will be blessed when they have a relationship with you.

Thanks for reading,

Pastor Dan


About the Author
Dan Wegryzn is Senior Pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church.
  1. Michele Reply

    Wonderful advise for all age groups! I think it gets more difficult to engage them as they get older, but it becomes even more important. Thank you for the good read!

  2. Dawn Reply

    Words of wisdom. Thanks.

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