“The Most Protected Hour of the Week”

So, what is it for you? The most protected hour of the week? It’s an hour you don’t give up easily. It’s time you guard, because time is precious, right?

For many people, the most protected hour of the week is the “education hour” at church. Some churches call it Sunday school. We call it Bible Hour. Unfortunately, it’s not an hour the majority of us spend at church.

As you probably know, American Church attendance has been declining steadily (now below 20% as a national average). Lower than that is attendance at Sunday School. This is the hour to go deeper in God’s Word. It’s where relationships are built; where we admit our struggles. It’s where we share coffee and donuts and prayer.

For St. John’s, this is when our adult small groups meet (along with Children’s Bible Hour). We have found it hard to experience community through the worship service alone. But, when we get around a table together; when we hear one another pray; when we get to pose a question that’s troubling us or the problem we’re wrestling with; and when we bring God’s Word to bear in it, something special happens. It’s called koinonia (Greek for fellowship). It’s the stuff real church has been made of for centuries.

This year at St. John’s we’ll be reading through the book of Acts (the Acts of the Apostles) in church and delving deeper during Bible Hour (9:30am) into what authentic church really is. We’re emphasizing these two components this year:

  1. We are a community of public worshippers.
  2. We emulate the sacrificial service of Christ toward each other.

Here’s my challenge to you—cross the threshold from a one-hour commitment to the second hour, where you’ll taste koinonia. I promise you, it won’t be perfect. But God will honor it. You will experience his presence, and he will often surprise you with something good, especially on the days you were most tempted to skip.

Contact Barb in the church office to get connected in a group or to start your own group. Barbara.esterly@stjohnslombard.org or (630) 629-2515, x118.


For the Word of God is active and alive.

The Book of Hebrews, Chapter 4, Verse 12