Marks of Discipleship

To follow Jesus looks very different for each of us but also has similar characteristics. The characteristics of being a disciple, are: Walking with God, Growing in Faith Together, and Loving our Neighbors. This “Marks of Discipleship” assessment is an effort to measure these characteristics. This is not some new set of rules, or a list of things to do, but rather a mirror to hold up to your faith to see how things are going. And, if you are feeling “dry” in your faith or lost in your walk with God, it is our hope this tool will help you see areas that will bring joy back to your journey.

It is also our intention to use the collective results as an indicator for the leadership team at St. John’s Lombard to develop opportunities to help the congregation grow in our discipleship journey together.

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For the Word of God is active and alive.

The Book of Hebrews, Chapter 4, Verse 12