Prayer Chain

St. John’s Prayer Chain ministry uses the power of prayer to benefit those who need it most.

What is it?

More than twenty-five St. John’s members currently serve as prayer warriors. They pray in the privacy of their own homes for members of St. John’s and their loved ones who are experiencing difficult times – surgeries, illnesses, cancer treatments, emotional problems and many other situations. There are no meetings required to volunteer with this ministry.

Prayer warriors act as intercessors. An intercessor is someone who takes the place of another and pleads with God on behalf of the person who is in desperate need of God’s intervention.

This is a confidential ministry. The prayer warriors are unknown to each other, and they may not talk to anyone about prayer chain requests.

Need prayers or want to get involved?

If you need or would like many people praying on your behalf or on behalf of your loved one, or if you would like to become a prayer warrior and pray for your fellow members of St. John’s Lutheran Church, please contact the church office at (630) 629-2515 x118 and ask to be put in touch with Karen Kautz.

For the Word of God is active and alive.

The Book of Hebrews, Chapter 4, Verse 12