What To Expect

WE WELCOME NEW VISITORS AT ST. JOHN’S!  We have all experienced entering a church wondering what to expect, what to wear, how long it would be, is it traditional or contemporary, and would we, with our children and all their noises, be accepted. Well, if you have wondered any of these, this section is for you.

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What is the service like?

Our services are approximately one hour in length. We offer a traditional Lutheran service early Sunday morning, and contemporary worship services on Saturday evening and late Sunday morning. Service times may change with the seasons, so please check here for current service times. The messages are Biblical, real and understandable using images, videos, and other multimedia tools to communicate the truth of the Word of God in a relevant way. Music during the traditional service includes organ accompaniment, our choir, and other traditional instruments, while during the contemporary services, our Praise Team provides the music. 

Can I take communion?

Yes, you are most welcome to commune with us if you share our beliefs about the sacrament of Communion. Please click here to learn more about our Communion Practices.

What’s the dress code?

We don’t have one! Casual attire is acceptable at all of our services. In fact, during our contemporary time of worship, you may even spot the pastors wearing blue jeans. We want you to be you. If that means wearing a 3-piece suit or a fancy dress and an “Easter Hat,” that’s great! But if that means sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt, that’s fine too.

What about children?

We understand what it means to have small children and the difficulty they can pose to going out. With that in mind, we have provided several opportunities to engage our young attendees. First, each worship service includes a children’s message time that relates to the adult sermon.

We know that kids will be kids, so we will not escort you out of the building, look down on you or anything like that. Most of us have young children too, so rest assured that we know what you’re going through!  Once the pandemic has passed we will start up our Nursery program during our late Sunday service.

Can I attend Bible study?

After Labor Day weekend, we offer small-group Bible study discussions on Sunday morning at 9:15a. Visitors are always welcome.

What about fellowship?

Once the pandemic is over we will start up our Sunday morning 9:00a coffee fellowship.

Suspended for now:  Please join us downstairs for our regular fellowship time with coffee and refreshments every Sunday at 9:00 am. In addition, fellowship opportunities are available throughout the year at special events.

For the Word of God is active and alive.

The Book of Hebrews, Chapter 4, Verse 12