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“The Most Significant 21 Days”

Which are the most important days of the year?  I believe we're in them now, January 1-21.  That is, when it comes to making life changes and getting things in order.  Have you wondered why gyms are so crowded lately?  Why the latest diets and ca... read more →


The answer is 'yes.'  The Triune God weeps.  He is capable of  profound grief and sadness.  What makes him weep?  Death and its effects on the people he made.  "When Jesus saw her (Mary) weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also we... read more →

Practice With A Dollar

At St. Johns this weekend, we didn't ask anyone for money, we gave it away.  That's right.  Each person received an envelope with a dollar.  We looked at the words, 'In God we trust.'  What does it mean to trust God with money?  We're practicing... read more →


Never mistake who the enemy is.  That's an important military axiom.  But also for the Christian.  Have you got a handle on that?  I was reminded recently that no human is my enemy.  The Apostle Paul confirms this:  "For our struggle is not aga... read more →

3 in 1 Worship is Dangerous

Of all the titles in this series, this one triggers curiosity.  Why dangerous?  Comforting maybe; healing, encouraging, but worship being dangerous?  In Isaiah chapter 1, Dangerous is the objective.  Safe is the problem.  Dangerous in worship is... read more →

“Ordered to Scatter!”

It's football season.  And football teams huddle.  Did you ever ponder, "What does a huddle look like?"  Closed circle, exclusive, secret; they're making plans I don't know about.  But, once the quarterback says, “Ready, break,” what does tha... read more →

Taking Worship Out of ‘File C’

Do you ever think of worship as a file to be pulled out on Sunday morning?  What happens, then, after church?  The file goes back in the drawer under C for church.  It's a compartment of life, kind of like going to the gym, having lunch, or any ot... read more →

New Worship Series at SJL!

3 IN 1 WORSHIP.  What's that?  Christians worship a God who is 3 persons in 1 God.  At St. John's we also have 3 weekly services.  Does that make 3 communities or 1?  God prizes unity within community.  So, this 5 week series is about moving us... read more →