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We're Celebrating Comfort Dog Weekend!

Eve Comfort Dog will turn two years old on June 8, 2016! This furry ambassador of Christ has touched so many lives in such a short time. We have designated the weekend of June 4-5 as Comfort Dog Weekend to share the good news about this ministry with... read more →

To Be Known

You’ve heard it said, “I didn’t think you noticed.”  When someone notices us, it has an inciting effect. As a fan of Starbucks coffee, I tend to frequent a particular shop in Lombard. As I approached to order this morning, the barista said... read more →

Working at the Rancho

Monday and Tuesday work began at the rancho at Monte Redondo. Now officially recognized as a church by the Lutheran Church of Nicaragua, it is named Nueva Esperanza (“New Hope”). This is the rancho that St. John’s built and continues to mainta... read more →