A Response to Uncertainty

Some things in life are inevitable. Some things are unpredictable. If that is the case, what is your response to such obstacles? You look in the mirror or at a picture of yourself and see signs of aging. You wait too long to start an assignment and your stress level goes up. Inevitabilities.

You are offered a new job in a different state. Will you like it as much as your old job? Is it the right move for your family? You’re thinking about asking someone out, but you’re not sure if they’ll say yes. Unpredictabilities. What do you do?

In the sermon this weekend, I’ll be tackling those questions–looking at human options in light of life’s imposed limits and unknowns. We’ll see what we can glean from a piece of Wisdom Literature called ‘Ecclesiastes’–chapter 11, verses 1-6. Here ‘The Teacher’ in a wisdom school (you’ll see why I don’t call him Solomon) leads us to what might be the best response to life’s imposed limits and unknowns.

This is not an easy text, but it is a rich one, especially when it becomes clear. I’d like to hear your thoughts and questions as you read and ponder it. This helps the sermon to be what was originally intended, homileo, to engage in a conversation.

Service times at St. John’s: Saturday 5:30pm; Sunday 8:30am & 10:15am. Hope to see you!

Pastor Dan

For the Word of God is active and alive.

The Book of Hebrews, Chapter 4, Verse 12